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Fast Transfer & Sync

Performance is guaranteed with sync speeds up to 480Mb/s. No more waiting to transfer larger files and your sync time will be reduced.

Perfect For Gamers

Both ends have a right angle connector making this the perfect cable for gaming while charging, as well as charging in tight places.

Durable & Tangle-Free

Braided using the highest-quality Aramid fiber jacket, strong enough to endure over 5000 bends and capable of supporting over 1500 lbs, this cable will last the life of your device.

Dual LED Mode

When charging at night, the LED will dim to a lower level, while still making it easy to find your device.

Trendiest & Most Durable Cable On The Market

Millions of customers can’t be wrong. Get the best quality cable while supplies last.

2 - year


Money Back


Ships FROM

U.S. & Europe

12 hour Customer issue


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